SYNAPTIC/WEB By Khris Loux, Eric Blantz, Chris Saad

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We believe that this evolving view of neural science provides an increasingly apt metaphor for what we call the « Synaptic Web » in that the connections between objects are more important than the objects themselves.


The question is; how are these connections changing to create new experiences? In other words, there is an opportunity to stop looking at the nodes and start looking at the space between them.


Signs of the emerging Synaptic Web abound.


Where we once built destination websites that had loose connections in the forms of links, we now build widgets; lightweight pieces of functionality that connect countless sites and services using rich, deep and meaningful pieces of functionality. Like individual neurons, « sites » must now maximize their connections to outside data sources and applications in response to external stimuli or risk being « pruned » themselves.


The same is true for Social Networks. These once mighty silos of communication are becoming ever more deeply connected to the fabric of the internet. Ultimately only the connections between the people (the ‘social graph’) and between their social objects (images, profiles, links and groups) really matter. These connections are now becoming part of every website we visit and they will become ever more intrinsic to our user experience. Private social networks will of course persist, but it will be users themselves, not the platforms, who decide with whom, what, when and where connections occur.

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L'association Concert-Urbain mène une action originale afin de mettre les nouvelles technologies au service du dialogue et de la concertation sociale.
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