Auto-centric society and the negative impact the infrastructures

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As I mentioned in a previous post I have been reading Michael Sorkin’s All Over the Map and I just finished Sorkin’s essay the Jungle Urban: Welcome to Petropolis. I am also reading Rethinking a Lot The Design and Culture of Parking by Eran Ben-Joseph on the side. While both of these are thought provoking, I have become overwhelmed with the facts and maybe even depressed.


Both are critical of an auto-centric society and the negative impact the infrastructures (pipeline or parking lots in particular) have on the environmental: oil spills, toxic land, air pollution, unfiltered storm water runoff and increasing daytime temperatures in cities.


Automobiles and their infrastructures have played a role in shaping our natural and built environment and they have contributed to the decentralization of urban areas and urban sprawl. Both books have reconfirm my commitment as to why I will never own a car but I do like how the artists I am about to highlight used cars, not as a mode of transportation but as absurd artistic propositions.


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