The Sensing Planet: Why The Internet Of THINGS Is The Biggest NEXT Big Thing | Rob Van Kranenburg @ FastCompany

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About a decade ago, I would stand in the middle of a square somewhere and imagine that everything I saw could and would one day be possibly connected.


In my mind that was not such a new idea. Animists in Africa and Asia have for centuries talked about « living » inanimate objects, believing that things had a soul and taking good care of them. Humans are meaning-making machines, so we invest inanimate landscapes and objects with all kinds of qualities that they cannot really possess.

Ten years on, that daydream is becoming a reality with the Internet of Things. Loosely defined as a global process to enhance all objects with some kind of digital address, IoT is already coming to you: to your home as the smart meter that will streamline all your electrical appliances; to your connected car that will have distance sensors and eCall to alert accidents; and to your body as a patch in an intelligent T-shirt or the Siemens hearing aid that aims to pick up the fire truck noise and soften it before you “hear” it. In terms of « the next big thing » this is as big as fire and the book.


And it’s inevitable. Why? Because a confluence of historical factors has come together to make what was once the domain of science fiction a reality. Let’s quickly take a look at those drivers.

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