Big Thinkers: Henry Jenkins on New Media and Implications for Learning and Teaching

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Digital native: A person raised in a technological environment who accepts that environment as the norm, and who often has grown up surrounded by digital devices, such as mp3 players and cell phones, and regularly uses these devices to interact with other people and the outside world.

Digital immigrant: A person who has adopted the Internet and related technologies later in life, typically after adolescence and young adulthood. Like a geographical immigrant, this person may adopt some aspects of a digital native while still retaining old habits.

Remixing: The process of taking samples from preexisting materials to combine them into new forms.

Augmented-reality games: Simulation games that combine real-world experiences with additional information supplied by handheld computers.


Discussion Questions

1. How are schools limiting kids’ access to digital tools? Do you agree with these policies?

2. Do you see the participation gap in your school and community?

3. How do we create shared learning opportunities across generations?

4. Are schools ready to give up control to kids, families, and communities of learning? What are the opportunities and challenges?

5. What does authorship mean in the digital age? How do we teach it to kids?


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